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this was taken in the middle of the afternoon. i was actually quite sore from my shoulder, it's giving me a hard time. i'm asleep. yeah, i admit it. i fell asleep to the TV. i'm sort of curved in a ball, and i think that my purple t-shirt doesn't look bad on me. it's the first time i'm wearing it, i just bought it. my hands are sort of covering my face, i really don't know why. and my hair is in a bun. my hair is sooo long these days. my green pants are kind of summery and since we are in the middle of fall, i'm covering my feet with some random piece of clothing i had there on my bed. that calendar on the back is the SNOOPY calendar i bought last july. it's really cute, and that hat on the wall next to it? i exchanged it. it's from colombia. and i HEART it.
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