grace lightning. (pinkglittergun) wrote in inkpolaroids,
grace lightning.

first attempt. i'm scared. hold me!


i took this photo when i was leaving his house for the second time. i'd just kissed him goodbye and he's smiling at me from the bed. he has sex hair which i thought was just sooo adorable. he looks sleepy and rumpled and a little like an angel, if angels could be found lounging naked in bed on sunday mornings in new zealand. the sunlight is shafting through the parted curtains and highlighting his pale face, picking out individual strands of bright, bright yellow in his messy, greasy hair. he looks like a minature sun himself. sun in his hair and sun in his smile as he blows me a sleepy kiss goodbye. i'm sure that if i was in the photo, too, our smiles would match. why wouldn't i smile? it was the best day ever.
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