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INK POLAROID: Stinging blister and ring givers.

INK POLAROID 04.08.2003.01

+ I took this one today after I woke up, and it's really dark. Thanks to the big flash, you can see a close up of my right hand, fingers spread out and palm up. There are these lumpy hominey colored callouses right where the four thick, long fingers start, but in the middle of my palm is a dime sized blister which had busted open during the night. I tried to cover it with some of that liquid band-aid stuff, but it just burnt and looks like glossy paint over a flat, tiny cherry. You can't see my teeth gritting, but they are.

I got that sore from shoveling out a ditch yesterday. Later on I found out from my father that I was just holding the shovel incorrectly. Sheesh. Oh, yeah. I should mention that silver ring with Viking waves on it. The flash sure did light it up bright and white. Becky gave that ring to me 12 years ago when she came back from San Francisco; and even though I don't see her anymore, I still love her... like I now love that stinging blister.

~ Isom
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